About Us

What’s the issue?

Turn PA Blue is focused on changing the political landscape in PA. Democrats are dangerously outnumbered in the PA House and Senate. We are in a very vulnerable position and cannot protect a veto by Governor Wolf. The GOP has an overwhelming majority (34-16), and the Dems have lost 7 seats since 2014. In the House, it is 122-82 in favor of the GOP. The good news is that in several districts, the Republican incumbent represents a majority of Democratic voters. We must respond and build winning campaigns in 2018! It starts now.

In the coming months, we will be putting calls out for volunteers to help support state candidates by registering voters, canvassing, phone banking and helping get the word out in support of our candidates.

What do I need to know?

Every 10 years, after each national census, the Pennsylvania Legislature redraws the boundaries of our Congressional, State House, and State Senate districts. The original goal of redistricting was to ensure voting districts remain equal in population, so that every vote counts.

However, this is NOT what has happened in Pennsylvania. In fact, experts have found that Pennsylvania’s electoral system is one of the worst in the country.

What can I do?

Understand how redistricting affects you

Watch this TED Talk by State Representative Daylin Leach. It explains what’s going in in Pennsylvania – you have to see it to believe it. And make sure you know your local District Number & Polling Place.

Be aware of upcoming local elections.

Check in with your local Democratic party for elections and committee positions in your area. Judges are also elected in Pennsylvania. Do not underestimate the importance of judges to our political system. We will have numerous judges on the ballot in Pennsylvania, including one Supreme Court Justice.

Where can I learn more?

Get involved

Please invite others to join our Turn PA Blue FB group 

Check out the Turn PA Blue calendar for events in your area – you can make it even easier by downloading the Team Up App on your phone!

Know your representatives at every level

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