PA Senate Races

Katie Muth – PA Senate 44
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Information about Senate District 44
Counties:  Berks, Chester, Montgomery
Bio:  Katie believes that Pennsylvania can be a place where everyone has opportunities to succeed, a place where equality advances prosperity, and a place where no one is left out or left behind. This is why she is running for State Senate. Katie’s dedication to service, advocacy for positive social change, and protecting our freedom is why she will BE THE CHANGE that State Senate District 44 needs and that Pennsylvania deserves. ….more

Tanner Rouse – PA Senate 26 
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Information about Senate District 26
Bio:  What does Tanner stand for politically? A better Pennsylvania: one that is fair to all its citizens and which uses tax monies wisely. Tanner believes in real solutions for real people. As a DA, Tanner saw how the systems of treating people as numbers were hurting our communities. He will be a champion of criminal justice reform in Harrisburg, seeking to revamp sentencing guidelines and mandatory minimums. He understands how the opioid crisis is pulling families apart at every level and knows that jail as the only option is no real option. Tanner knows that at the root of many of these issues is the school system and will seek to improve our schools in a way that works for all Pennsylvanians. Finally, he believes that no family should have to go bankrupt to care for a loved one and will fiercely fight to ensure that your right to comprehensive, affordable healthcare remains in tact.

Tim Kearney – PA Senate 26 
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Information about Senate District 26
Bio:  Tim Kearney is an architect, an adjunct professor, an experienced public servant, and the mayor of Swarthmore. Tim is a long-time resident of the 26th district where he raised his public school educated kids with his wife and small business partner Claudia Cueto. While state politics have stagnated, Tim has been working at the local level as a community leader and problem solver on issues that affect every Pennsylvanian. Mayor Tim is a lifelong progressive Democrat who believes that every child in Pennsylvania, no matter their zip code, deserves a first-class public education. As our state Senator, he’ll make sure that out-of-state corporations and special interests pay their fair share, and will stand up to Republicans who keep balancing the state budget on the backs of Pennsylvania’s working and middle class. Mayor Tim’s outrage over Republican legislators’ eagerness to sacrifice Pennsylvania’s magnificent natural resources in service to industry greed is also driving his campaign for state Senate. A longtime advocate for clean air and water, Mayor Tim will fight special interests to make sure every child and person in Pennsylvania has clean water to drink and clean air to breathe.

Linda Fields – PA Senate 24 
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Information about Senate District 24
Bio: Together we can lead our state, counties and communities towards productive, safe and healthy environments to raise children, run businesses, and a future filled with unlimited promise.
– 30 Year Labor Organizer, Negotiator and Mediator for District 1199C, NUHHCE, AFSCME, AFL-CIO
– Committed Negotiator & Activist for Labor & Human Rights
– Former Advisory Board Member for Borough Council, Norristown, PA
– 26 Year Volunteer to the Democratic Party Locally & Nationally
– 25 Year Voter Registration Volunteer
– 18 Year Delegate with the Philadelphia Central Labor Council
– 14 Year Heart Health Advocate

Mark Pinsley – PA Senate 16 
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Information about Senate District 16

Ezra Nanes – PA Senate 34 
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Information about Senate District 34
Bio:  Ezra, a working dad and husband of a working mom with two young children in our public school system, is running for State Senate in Pennsylvania’s 34th District to make sure that our government is working for all of its people the way it should. Ezra will fight for on-time state budgets that secure public funding for education and critical programs like CHIP, Medicare and Medicaid. Ezra will work hard to bring good, family-sustaining jobs to our towns so that families have a fighting chance to live the life they hope for and young adults don’t have to leave the district to find opportunity.

Maria Collett – PA Senate 12 
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Information about Senate District 12
Bio:  A lifelong advocate for those in need, Maria worked as an attorney fighting for the needs of children victimized by abuse and neglect before transitioning to a career in nursing. Working in the areas of pediatric home health, trauma and long term care, Maria has provided comfort and been the voice for people in their most vulnerable moments. As Senator for the 12th District of Pennsylvania (serving parts of Montgomery and Bucks counties), Maria will continue to dedicate herself to listening to the needs of the community and bringing fresh ideas to Harrisburg where smart decisions and thoughtful discourse can lead Pennsylvania to the forefront of progressive change.

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