Turn PA


Actively working to turn the Pennsylvania State Legislature blue, district by district.

Taking Back Pennsylvania

Turn PA Blue is actively working to turn the Pennsylvania State Legislature blue, district by district, through volunteer recruitment, training, and mobilization to elect Democrats up and down the ballot. One win is not enough!! Democrats need to pick up 20 seats to flip the State House and 10 seats to do the same the PA State Senate.

How You Can Help Us

Absentee Ballot Program

We saw it in 2017 and we just saw it again with Conor Lamb. Every single vote counts! Turn PA Blue is working on an Absentee Ballot Program (with some amazing partners) to help increase absentee turnout for Dems in our targeted districts in 2018. We have just started fundraising for this very important project (and a fun event to raise money for this specific initiative is in the works). The more money we raise, the more voters we can reach. Every dollar you donate to the TPAB Absentee Ballot Program will go directly to funding this project. Donate Here Today!

Canvassing Volunteers Needed

Not all superheroes wear capes. Some wear comfortable shoes and save our democracy one door knock at a time. Here’s why you should give it a try: canvassing is the most effective way to identify support, persuade undecideds, and increase voter turnout. We understand that it’s also intimidating for many volunteers. Turn PA Blue wants to give you the information you need to master the art of the door knock and match you up with campaigns where you’re needed most. We promise these face-to-face conversations with your fellow citizens will be meaningful, rewarding, and fun.

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