Turn PA


Actively working to turn the Pennsylvania State Legislature blue, district by district.

The Road to the White House is through Pennsylvania


“Right now, Pennsylvania looks like the single most important state of the 2020 election.” – fivethirtyeight.com 

“It’s simple: In any assessment of the 2020 presidential race, Pennsylvania is critical.” – The Philadelphia Inquirer

Pennsylvania is more important than just the number of votes cast – the actions taken by the Republican-led Pennsylvania State Legislature could determine if our votes count. In late September 2020, the PA State House of Representatives passed a resolution that would allow them to create a special election committee that could challenge the results of the election and certify its own group of electors that would support Trump. It is imperative that we flip the Pennsylvania State Legislature in 2020.
See: The Huffington Post, Rachel Maddow, The Atlantic


What we’re doing to Turn PA Blue


Turn PA Blue is mobilizing volunteers from across the country to elect Democrats in Pennsylvania so we can flip the PA State Legislature and deliver the White House to Joe Biden. We only need 9 seats in the House  and 4 in the Senate! It may sound like a lot, but there are 203 House seats total and 50 Senate seats.

We support candidates running for PA State House and Senate across the state to help them win seats through fundraisers, postcards, texts, phone banks and more. Since 2017, our volunteers have sent over a million text messages and made almost 1.5 million phone calls.

But we need your help! Direct voter contact is key and we’d love your help phone banking! Check out our phone banks here – including:

How You Can Help