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Current Volunteer Position Openings with Turn PA Blue

Turn PA Blue is committed to flipping Pennsylvania Legislative seats by electing politicians who will stand up for the values that we hold dear.  However, we can’t do it alone.  We need your help!

Organizing and Coordinating Positions

  • Grassroots Volunteers Coordinators, all areas
    • Coordinators will work with local grassroots groups to coordinate volunteers, strategy, and campaign efforts, will help to motivate them to get out to campaign events such as canvassing, voter registration, literature drops, etc.
  • Democratic Party Liaisons, all areas
    • Work with Area Leaders, Municipal Chairs, Committee Persons to coordinate strategies and campaign related efforts
  • Candidate Support
    • Research, collect, and organize additional and existing resources to support candidates and their campaigns
    • Help create candidate materials for website on Canvassing, Phone Banking, Voter Registration, Community Building, GOTV Events, Election Day Activities, etc.

Technology Related Positions

  • WordPress
    • Knowledge of WordPress and how to add/edit/etc. pages on the TPAB website
    • Update website content
  • Events Coordinator
    • Collect and organizes events being held by candidates, grassroots groups, and local Dems, enters into TPAB’s website
  • Data Collection & Entry
    • Entering data into spreadsheets, databases, etc., collecting/collating from various sources including voter research
  • Photoshop (or other Photo Editing Software)
    • Be able to create logos, edit photos, create memes, etc. on various topics as needed, assist candidate create logos for events and social media memes
  • Social Media – Twitter 
    • Live Stream TPAB events, candidates events, etc.
  • Social Media – SnapChat
    • Use SnapChat to support TPAB’s social media and candidate marketing strategies
  • Social Media – Instagram
    • Use Instagram to support TPAB’s social media and candidate marketing strategies
  • Media – Podcast Support
    • Assist in the creation of the Turn PA Blue podcast series, including scheduling guests and organizing
    • Use of audio recording software, remote recording, and online submission of podcasts
  • Action Network
    • Knowledge of (or willingness to learn) about the various organizing tools within Action Network
  • VoteBuilder
    • Knowledge of (or willingness to learn) how to use VoteBuilder
  • Tech Support & Training
    • Understand various tech-related activities and be able to provide support to campaign staff and Turn PA Blue volunteers, includes use of Social Media apps, web design, Action Network, Google Suite (docs, spreadsheets, etc)

Miscellaneous Positions

  • Communications
    • Assistance in various forms of communication including creating newsletters, collating necessary information to disseminate to candidates, volunteers, area coordinators, etc.
  • Marketing
    • Design and implement strategies to promote Turn PA Blue, events, and candidates
    • Online marketing platforms & apps such as Facebook Ads and Google Ads
  • TPAB Fundraising Events Coordinator
    • Coordinate and create fundraising & social events for Turn PA Blue
    • Help with online fundraising initiatives

Turn PA Blue Updates

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