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Actively Engaged Democracy

A Federated Network Website Project

Turn PA Blue is helping with a massive online project called Actively Engaged Democracy, or AEDem for short. The goal of this project is to eliminate the duplication of efforts while providing platforms for collaboration efforts.  In essence, consolidating into one platform what is now completely fragmented and disorganized. In other words, it would create a nationwide federated website network that offers template websites on the network to all groups (and candidates) across the country for those that choose to utilize it.

This is a massive project that will take many months with an extremely large price tag, as nothing currently exists that can handle the creation of such a network.  We are raising funds to make this project a reality as we truly believe it could transform how we connect to voters and engage them in all aspects of the democratic process.  If you are interested in supporting this project, please consider donating to assist in its creation.  Click here to donate via an ActBlue link.

If you’re interested in getting involved and helping with this endeavor, fill out the form below or contact Brian at burychka@AEDem.US

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