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Candidate Resources

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Turn PA Blue is here to help your campaigns!

We are continually expanding our list of offerings to support candidates, but here’s a few.

  • Free Action Network for Candidates
    • Turn PA Blue offers candidates free access to all the tools available with the Action Network.  This includes sending targeted emails, creating events, forms for collecting information, sync with ActBlue, and much more. If you are interested in using this free service, email Brian (bburychka@TurnPABlue.org)
    • Here’s an example, being used by Doug Metcalfe (PA House 128)
  • Campaign Website & Facebook page help!  
    • We have a few great groups from NY who have offered to help candidates without primaries with their websites and/or their facebook pages (for free). If you are interested, please email jamie@turnpablue.org
  • Turn PA Blue Website
  • TPAB Postcard Program
    • We have volunteers  interested in doing postcards for candidates.If you are a candidate, please fill out this questionnaire.  You can find out everything you need to know about the TPAB Postcard Program through this LINK.
  • Campaign Event Promotion
  • Social Media
    • Turn PA Blue has an active Facebook group as well as Twitter &  Instagram accounts.  We are looking to add a SnapChat account soon.  All will be used to promote your campaigns however possible.  We have a multi-phase social media strategy. The first phase is to introduce the candidates to the people. If you’d like to be included, please fill out this social media questionnaire.
    • Ask your supporters to follow and like all other candidates on Facebook and Twitter!  @LetsTurnPABlue has created several lists of candidates on Twitter that will make it easy to follow.  If you are not on one of our lists, please let us know!
  • Campaign Videos – PA Voter Information Network
    • Candidates, are you interested in professional quality video services for free?  Would you like video coverage of your events, town hall presentations, candidate forums, etc. that promote your campaign platform, core issues, reasons for running for office and more?
    • Larry DeMarco is offering his services to help change the political landscape in Pennsylvania.  If you are interested his his services, here’s his contact information
    • Cell:  215-901-1930 (text before calling), Email:  larrydemarco4@gmail.com
    • PA Voter Info Network YouTube Channel:  https://youtu.be/FJB8bf3dSuc
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