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Clark Mitchell for PA House 48

Born and raised in Washington County, Clark Mitchell currently serves as an attorney at the law offices of Clark A. Mitchell.  He looks forward to fighting for the working class values of Washington County in his campaign for the 48th Legislative District.

The Special Election will be held on May 15th.

Clark grew up a sportsman; hunting and fishing the beautiful countryside of southwestern Pennsylvania with his father.  He believes in our constitutional right to bear arms and looks forward to defending our sacred traditions in Harrisburg, which have been passed down for generations in southwestern Pennsylvania.

A graduate of the Trinity Area School District, Clark knows our public schools must be fairly funded for all persons, regardless of zip code across the state.  Additionally, he is an ardent supporter of funding technical training programs to support local jobs.

Clark knows Western Pennsylvania’s natural resources are critical to a successful economy and looks forward to stimulating economic growth through proper extraction of our community’s job stimulating resources.

>Clark understands the battle to fight our community’s opioid crisis starts with proper education and strong coordination with our local law enforcement to crack down on distribution and sale.


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Mailing Address

17 South College Street
Washington, Pennsylvania

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