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elizabeth fiedler pa house 184

Elizabeth Fiedler for PA House 184

About Elizabeth Fiedler

Elizabeth Fiedler is a former reporter, young mother, and first-time candidate for the office of State Representative for the 184th House District of Pennsylvania. Her family receives health insurance through the ACA and her children get health insurance through CHIP and Medicaid. Healthcare and education aren’t abstract policy priorities for her, but issues that affect her everyday life.

When elected, she will fight for high quality universal healthcare for all of us. She will work to ensure fair and full funding of our schools and to end the school to prison pipeline. She will also fight for an economy that works for all of us — not just the richest few and corporate interests.

elizabeth fiedlerElizabeth was raised in Central Pennsylvania by her parents, two union educators.

Elizabeth Fiedler On The Issues

Elizabeth Fiedler will stand in solidarity with unions and unionized workers. She will champion legislation that makes it easier for workers to unionize. She will ensure that all workers have safe working conditions, fair wages, healthcare, and union representation. Elizabeth will also push to have the state invest in long term, family sustaining jobs and oppose policies that give tax breaks to the richest few at the cost of our communities. She opposes efforts to privatize our public resources.


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