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Eric Epstein for PA House 105

About Eric Epstein

Eric is a Central Dauphin High School graduate and twice-elected member of the Central Dauphin School Board. He graduated from Willamette University in 1982 with a Bachelor’s Degree in Political Science, and later received his teaching certificate from Millersville University. He was also received a masters degree in Humanities from Penn State University at Harrisburg in 1992.

For over 35 years, Eric has been an educator and community advocate. He taught adult education at Tri County OIC, as well as in correctional facilities throughout central Pennsylvania. As a visiting professor of Humanities at Penn State University Harrisburg, he co-authored a college-level history textbook, “The Dictionary of the Holocaust.”

Eric is a member of the American Nuclear Society, Central Dauphin High School Alumni, Chisuk Emuna Synagogue, Colonial Crest Association, Concord Coalition, Museum of Jewish Heritage, and United Sates Holocaust Memorial Museum.

Currently, Eric lives in Lower Paxton Township with three cats he adopted from PAWs. He is an active member of the local Jewish community and a proud family man.

Eric Epstein On The Issues

In 2005, after the legislature’s illegal pay raise, Eric co-founded the political watchdog group Rock the Capital (RTC). RTC has been providing political commentary and research on regional and statewide politics. Known for his even-handed, no-frills approach, Eric has been featured on numerous political talk shows, PCN and various radio shows. Pick up a copy of the Patriot News or the Paxton Herald and there is a good chance of finding his commentary in the Op-Ed section.

Environmentally conscious policy is a core part of Eric’s community service and legacy. Eric is a founding board member and chairman of the Sustainable Energy Fund, which promotes, researches, and invests in clean and renewable energy technologies. He is also currently president of EFMR Monitoring Group, Inc., a non-profit organization that routinely monitors local radiation levels. More notably, Eric has been Chairman and Spokesperson of Three Mile Island Alert (TMIA), a safe-energy organization, since 1984. Eric and TMIA have worked tirelessly to educate the masses on alternative energy and to hold energy companies like Exelon accountable for their policies. In addition, he has served as Chairman of Stray Winds Area Neighbors, a smart-growth organization based in Lower Paxton Township, since 2006.

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Mailing Address

4100 Hillsdale Road
Harrisburg, PA 17112

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