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lisa boeving-learned

Lisa Boeving-Learned for PA House 8

Lisa Boeving-Learned is a former US Army soldier, a retired police sergeant, a Mercer County resident, and your Democratic candidate for the PA General Assembly, District 8.

During her police career, Lisa used her community policing role to solve problems for the citizens she served to truly make a difference. Lisa’s projects included: Community partnerships to reduce homelessness and crime by partnering with Neighborhood Watch groups, the Salvation Army and other local homeless coalitions to provide housing and job opportunities to those on the street. She developed the first proactive strategy to identify and monitor sex offenders released into the community. Her work earned the Department of Justice’s “Best Practice” endorsement for innovative policing. Lisa also developed a project to follow up with Domestic Violence victims to ensure they understand the criminal justice system and to help draft safety plans and shelter placement.

Lisa returned home to PA with her wife, also a retired police officer. They settled in Mercer County, and Lisa once again felt compelled to serve her community and seek solutions. In addition to supporting local charitable organizations like Prince of Peace and AWARE, she has been an advocate for Fair Districts PA, a nonpartisan group dedicated to reclaiming democracy. Lisa is a member of Equality PA, because she believes every American deserves respect and dignity.

Just as she did in her law enforcement career, Lisa seeks workable solutions where others have given up. She believes that universal health care, good jobs with a living wage, and strong communities are within our reach if people come together and do the work. that’s why she decided to run for the General Assembly.


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268 Limber Road
Jackson Center, PA 16133

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