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liz hanbidge pa house 61

Liz Hanbidge for PA House 61

Meet Liz Hanbidge.
Lawyer by day. Advocate for life.

As a business owner and child advocate, Liz Hanbidge is a proven fighter for families and children. Shortly after law school, she left corporate law to start her own practice in Montgomery County serving families, small businesses and non-profits, and began devoting significant pro bono time to fighting for families and children in our community. Liz spends a majority of her professional time to being a child advocate and court appointed guardian for children in the Montgomery County working with the Montgomery Child Advocacy Project (MCAP). She works with police, the Office of Children and Youth, parents, as well as judges and lawyers to help protect families and children.

liz hanbidge logoLiz is running for State Representative because she believes that now, more than ever, the 61st district needs a new voice in Harrisburg. For too long, politicians in Harrisburg have ignored their constituents, and Liz has spent her career working with the families and children most harmed by Harrisburg’s apathy. She’s running because someone needs to be their voice in Harrisburg.

Liz wants to advocate for the residents of the 61st the same way she’s been the advocate for the children in this district.

“I’ve seen what happens when politicians are focused only on preserving their jobs and protecting special interests, when they’re deaf to constituents’ needs. Our communities deserve an advocate. I’ve spent my entire career fighting to help families and children in our area. I’m running for office to focus on what is important and to make our district a better place to live and raise a family and I want to be your voice in Harrisburg.”

Liz’s family moved to Blue Bell in 2001 while she attended the University of Pennsylvania for her undergraduate degree, and she has completed Masters degrees from Harvard and Oxford Universities focusing on child psychology. Thereafter she attended law school at the University of Wisconsin. She lives on a farm near Montgomery County Community College, and spends her early mornings before work doing barn chores. She has two rescue dogs and two horses.

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