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Logan Dellafiora for PA House 62

Born and raised in Graceton, Logan Dellafiora is a third-generation Indiana County resident. The son of Tony and Carol, Logan’s family has a long history of blue collar work and union support. Tony is a Traffic Specialist working at PennDot, while Carol is in the health field working for Indiana Regional Medical Center. Both grandfathers, George “Sheriff” Terlion and Anthony “Sheriff” Dellafiora, were members of the United Mine Workers of America until the time of their deaths. Grandmothers, LaRue Terlion and Bertha Dellafiora, were stay-at-home mothers to care for their children, both families having four. Logan also has one sister, Tory, who currently attends Florida State University in pursuit of her Masters Degree in Student Affairs in Higher Education.

Logan was born on July 30th, 1997 at the Indiana Regional Medical Center. He lived the childhood that every boy could dream of. Logan was involved in sports from a young age, playing baseball, basketball, football, soccer, and golf. He played baseball and golf while at Homer-Center High School. At most points of his childhood, you could expect to find Logan outside. Living in one half of the “Twin Cities”, the other being Coral, there were no shortage of friends for Logan to interact with close by. His group of friends would ride bikes, play sports, build forts in the woods, and even had a stretch of time where their chosen activity was cutting down trees with a hatchet that his sister had found on a telephone pole.

Through these experiences, Logan truly realized what it meant to grow up in a small town and a community that truly cares about you. It was the type of childhood where the older people of town would offer the youth a drink and a few words when they would see them playing outside. At the time, Logan assumed that is just what older people did. Now, in the time of the opioid epidemic and other tumultuous times for children and adolescents, he realizes that the older people of Coral and Graceton were truly looking out for the children, glad to see them staying out of trouble.  Click here to find out more….


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28 First Street
Graceton, PA 15748

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