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Marty Qually for PA House 91

Marty Qually has served as Adams County Commissioner since 2012.  Prior to serving as a County Commissioner, Mr. Qually served as an appointed County Auditor and as an elected Gettysburg Borough Councilperson.  Commissioner Qually is primarily focused on three areas, 1. Improving county finances and efficiency, 2. Making Adams County a place that preserves its quality of life and encourages economic development through effective planning, and 3. Is committed to being accessible and accountable to the public.

Marty’s commitment to providing better services at reduced costs is evidenced by his work to end expensive county office space leases in favor of a new Human Services Building.  This new building has greatly enhanced service to the public and will reduce the annual costs to tax payers for years to come.  He currently leads the County’s Capital Improvements Team and is working to create a long term office space needs assessment and a capital improvements plan.  These efforts will better outline the County’s long term needs and create a path to achieving these goals.

Marty Qually supports a balance between economic growth and our need for a high residential quality of life.  By serving as liaison to the Adams County Planning Commission and as a board member of the Adams County Economic Development Corporation, Mr. Qually is able to influence decision making in an effort to place appropriate development in areas which do not affect the environmental or historic beauty of our communities.

Lastly, Commissioner Qually is dedicated to open government.  He has championed for and continues to organize evening community forum throughout the county.  These forum ensure that important local issues are addressed and public input is obtained from residents.  He also maintains an open door policy and freely encourages the public to call him both at the office and on his personal phone.

Commissioner Qually received all of his education in this area attending Saint Francis Xavier School, Delone Catholic High School and Mount Saint Mary’s University. Marty Qually is a long time resident of Adams County and resides in Gettysburg with his wife Elizabeth Meighan and their four children Nick, Kate, Lucien, and Sam.

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