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Matt Nelson for PA House 193

Matt Nelson is dedicated to representing Pennsylvania’s 193rd district with integrity and an open mind. The last thing Harrisburg needs is another career politician. Instead, I offer the perspective of a scientist – someone trained to identify and solve complex problems based on facts, research, and ingenuity. I also want my children to grow up seeing a political process that works towards building bridges, and avoiding further political polarization. I’m a moderate Democrat and pride myself on being able to find common ground with most people. My experience collaborating with people from diverse backgrounds and leading people with varied perspectives will serve me well in forming relationships and working with constituents and colleagues on both sides of the political aisle.

I pride myself on being able to listen with intention. I want to understand what the residents of the 193rd really think about issues that are facing our district, state, and country. What can government do to help you or your family? How can government help you achieve your American Dream? One of the important things my campaign does is go door-to-door and ask people what is on their minds. If we haven’t made it to your door, feel free to let me know; what matters to you here.

We all have things we know a lot about. For me, it is science. I’m a chemist, and I know when I’m the expert in the room. I also know when I’m not. I think this is an important distinction. The job of a legislator is not to know everything about every topic that comes up for a vote. However, it is important to be informed and learn from the experts who do know the details. I’m meeting with people in a variety of industries and those with different viewpoints than my own, so I can understand issues from multiple perspectives so I can best represent the people of the 193rd. And, I’ll continue to do so when I’m elected. Do you have expertise you would like to share with me? Let me know.

I plan to be an active legislator. I won’t be going to Harrisburg just to collect a paycheck. I will lead on issues that matter to our district and the state as a whole. I’ll achieve this by serving on committees that address topics we care deeply about and sponsoring legislation that can make a difference.

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