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sean quinlan pa house 87

Sean Quinlan for PA House 87

Sean Quinlan is an attorney practicing criminal defense and bankruptcy law in central PA. He resides in Camp Hill, with his wife Marsha and their two sons.

Sean grew up in rural Mt. Cobb, just outside Scranton Pennsylvania in Lackawanna County, PA. He is the son of a first grade teacher and a social worker. Both of Sean’s grandfathers were active in politics and community organizing. His maternal grandfather was a union organizer, and his paternal grandfather was active in the Democratic party in Scranton. They instilled in Sean at an early age the need for a civic engagement and the importance of working together to achieve our shared goals.

Sean has demonstrated a commitment to serving his community. In addition to coaching his sons’ athletic teams, Sean served on the Board of Directors for the Fredricksen Public Library and the Camp Hill Lion Foundation.


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