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By Arnold Roth  Sunday Sep 10, 2017


Katie Muth and friend

Many of the readers on this site will have had the experience of taking on the local GOP hacks in county government.  My experience has been that they try to bully you by acting condescending as if you have no idea what you are talking about.  What I have found is effective is when one has done one’s homework and reciting back to them what their actual voting record is.  They generally start to look like a deer in the headlights and usually quickly run for cover.

I recently saw a great example of fighting back by a local activist in Montgomery County, Pennsylvania.  Montgomery County is the third largest county in the state and is just northwest of Philadelphia.  Democrats took over the county in 2011 and now control ever line seat.  There is one Republican commissioner on the board still because of minority representation.  But he is a doozy.  He is avid Trump supporter Joe Gale.

Gale specializes in wild accusations.  The county government has gotten so much better since 2011.  Infrastructure fixes that were long neglected by the GOP are finally happening.  However, Gale likes to throw out wild accusations like his hero Trump about corruption of the Democrats but of course provides no support for his wild claims whatsoever.  I have to believe his childish antics are even an embarrassment to the local GOP.  He has also made the supposed persecution of people of faith in Montgomery County (?!) an issue to scream about.  It is like the grown ups govern, while he rants and raves.

Gale’s bigger ambitions led to his latest attack on Planned Parenthood, in which no lie was too outrageous to tell.  He traveled to another county and helped shut down a Reproductive Health Center in a local high school that Planned Parenthood was involved in, by claiming they are pushing “abortion” even though the center has nothing to do with that.

Story Here

This was too much for Katie Muth.  Muth has been a big leader in the resistance in Montgomery County.  She leads an Indivisible Chapter that meets monthly in a Unitarian Universalist Fellowship and also does everything from knocking doors to canvassing in the county and fundraising for Democrats.  She went to question Gale publicly about his lies at a meeting of the Montco commissioners.  She brought other members of Indivisible and the fireworks started:

Skip ahead to 57:00 minutes to see her take on Gale here

This is how it should be done.  If there is one thing that Trump’s election did I hope is wake up a sleeping giant.  I feel like a lot of people are tired of being pushed around by misogynists and ignorant fools.

Muth is also going to run for the State Senate in 2018.  The PA State Senate was hit hard because Democrats, like they did in so many places, didn’t show up in 2014. She is running for the 44th Senate District.  Not only is she a great candidate, but PA ties with Alabama and Mississippi for lack of female representation, so it is time to change that.

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