Turn PA Blue

Postcarding Program

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Volunteer Information

Thank you so much for volunteering to write postcards to voters! Many of our candidates are looking for volunteers to help prepare personal, handwritten postcards to the voters in their districts. Personal postcards are a fun, creative and cost-effective way to help our candidates reach EVERY voter. Here’s what’s involved:

      1. Candidates will provide campaign postcards and instructions with sample messages for volunteers to write on them. Volunteers are also free to write their own messages if they would prefer. In most cases, these postcards will be pre-printed with the candidate’s name and information. In other cases, you can get creative and design your own with stickers and markers. It all depends on the candidate and what YOU are willing to do to help!
      2. In some cases the campaigns will provide voter addresses. In other cases, the campaigns may prefer to collect the cards and address them later. TPAB will let you know in advance which option will apply to the post cards you are working on.
      3. Volunteers are not obligated to pay for postage; however, if you wish to purchase and donate postcard stamps to the candidate, your generosity would be greatly appreciated. Just make sure you keep the receipt and provide it to the campaign so they can record your donation in the manner required to comport with PA Campaign Finance Laws.
      4. Volunteers complete the postcards within a timeframe specified by the campaign, which will be arranged beforehand. Don’t worry, we will make sure you know the deadline well in advance so you have plenty of time to complete the postcards!
      5. Turn PA Blue will work out the logistics of getting the postcards to you and back to the campaign in a timely manner. The postcards can be returned to the campaigns by mail, in person or through other arrangements. This procedure will also be specified in advance.
      6. You can write postcards at home at your convenience. You can keep a stack with you to write when you are watching TV, waiting for an appointment, on the train or whenever you have some downtime. Every bit helps and we appreciate all your efforts!
      7. Consider hosting a postcard party for your friends, neighbors or Resistance Group! This is also a great project for students! Find a coffee shop or a living room, and spend a couple of hours with a postcarding crew. You can also have people write cards during group meetings! This is a really low-pressure way for people to get involved and a great opportunity to build a larger team of volunteers. There are many ways to get creative with this project and get people involved who have never been involved with campaign work before. The more volunteers the better!
      8. Please let us know how many postcards you (or your group) can reasonably handle. (100, 200, 350, 500, or more). Our (non-scientific) estimate is that people can complete 15 postcards in an hour.
      9. As you know, one win isn’t enough in 2018! We have many candidates who need help. Please let know if you’re willing to write postcards for multiple candidates in the coming months.

Thank you for hard work and we hope you have lots of fun writing postcards to save our democracy and to Turn PA Blue! We can do this!!

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