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Take Action!

There are so many ways that you can take action in Pennsylvania and especially with Turn PA Blue but here are the ones that will ACTUALLY help us win in 2020:

    • CANVASSING.  We know, we know – it can appear intimidating, but we promise that it’s fun and you’ll always be with experienced canvassers who can show you the ropes.
    • CANVASSING. Just in case you’re thinking, “Oh, it’s okay, we can win without me canvassing, isn’t there anything I can do from home?” here’s an article from Yale about how canvassing is the most effective way to identify support, persuade undecideds, and increase voter turnout. Even if you canvas just ONE time before November 2020, it’ll make a huge difference.
    • DONATE. Tell your friends to donate. Tell your mom. Tell your neighbor. Turn PA Blue uses your donations to help Pennsylvania’s Democratic candidates WIN.
    • HOST OR ATTEND AN EVENT. We love a good party. In fact, we’re always having awesome fundraisers you can attend. If you’d like to host one, please get in touch! We especially love Quizzo.
    • SIGN UP FOR OUR NEWSLETTER. We will keep you informed about what’s happening in Pennsylvania, when we have events coming up, and when there are new volunteer opportunities.
    • FOLLOW US ON SOCIAL MEDIA. (And then retweet/share, obviously). The more people know about us, the more we can get the support we need to help candidates win. Follow us on Twitter  and Facebook.
    • CANVASSING. You can always reach out to us at getinfo@turnpablue.org if you have questions.


We’re also always looking for enthusiastic volunteers who might want to assist Turn PA Blue or candidates themselves with fundraising, graphic design, website management, volunteer coordination, event planning, social media and more. If you have a particular set of skills you’d like to contribute, please don’t hesitate to reach out! We’d love to hear from you. Email us at getinfo@TurnPAblue.org or fill out the form on this page.

Turn PA Blue Updates

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