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Become a virtual canvasser!
This election season, if you don’t have the time or energy to knock on doors or make calls, consider virtual canvassing via peer-to-peer texting with our partner, Red2Blue. It’s really effective and doesn’t require a lot of time or effort.  And you do it from the comfort of your own home.

Here’s what you need to know:
1. You’ll be reaching out to voters via “text” messages.
We’re texting voters in states and districts all across America in support of Democrats trying to defend their seat or flip them from red to blue. Our goal is to inform voters about our candidates and most importantly encourage them to vote. They’ll receive the texts on their mobile phones, but you’ll actually be “texting” from your computer. (We use an online app called Relay. Learn more about it here.)

2. Join the texting sessions when it’s convenient for you.
We’ll send you a weekly email letting you know the dates and times of upcoming texting sessions. Drop into a session when it works for your schedule. The sessions typically run 10 – 12 hours, but the minimum commitment is only 30 minutes. (You’ll also need to check back in a few times to answer late replies.) So it’s realistic to squeeze in some couch activism, even if you don’t have large chunks of time to dedicate.

3. We’ll help you with what to say.
Through the Relay dashboard, you’ll get all the information you need for each session. We’ll give you some pre-typed responses to make things more efficient. You’ll also have access to talking points and information from the candidates. And there will be plenty of opportunity to connect with voters on a personal level. (That’s the fun part!)

4. None of your personal information will be revealed.
You’ll be using the Relay app on your computer to “text.” The messages will look like they come from a generic number. Only your first name will be used. Your phone number, last name, address, etc. never enter into the equation! And because you’re doing it from a computer, no texting fees apply.

5. Most important, you’ll make a difference.
We’re using the most effective and efficient form of canvassing available—peer-to-peer texting. (More on that here and here.) And there is So. Much. To. Do. between now and the November election. There are voter registration deadlines and primaries. And critical State House elections we must win in order to stop the GOP’s gerrymandering. And, of course, the big House and Senate races. Your armchair activism can make a real difference!

So, are you ready to lie on your couch and save our democracy?

  • Click HERE and fill out the form.
  • Soon after, you’ll be invited to join our Slack group.
  • Once you’re in there, click on “Channels” in the left-hand column and join the “#texting” channel.
  • Once you join, you’ll have access to our training materials and our friendly moderators can explain everything we do in detail.


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