Turn PA Blue

It’s time to mobilize and take back the PA Legislature!

Democrats are outnumbered in the PA House and Senate. Check out the Local Government page for more info. We are in a dangerous position and cannot protect a veto by Governor Wolf in the State Senate. Republicans hold the majority 34-16, and we have lost 7 seats since 2014. In the House, it is 121-81 in favor of Republicans (with one current vacancy).

The good news is that in several districts, the Republican incumbent represents a majority of Democratic voters. We must respond and build winning campaigns in 2018! It starts now.

The problem we face in the state and local races is that the candidates are underfunded and lack support. That’s where you can help!  We are working to pull volunteers from blue districts to help support the Democrats campaigning in the red districts that we believe can be flipped.  Volunteers will be needed to help with support these campaigns by registering voters, canvassing,  phone banking and helping get the word out in support of our candidates.

Here are some other amazing organizations working towards “Going Blue” on both the state and local levels. The goal is for us all to work together to GO BLUE IN 2018!

Where can I learn more?

Turn PA Blue Updates

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