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Last updated October 6, 2020


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Turn PA Blue is committed to helping Pennsylvanians vote safely, securely, and successfully in November 2020. Information has been gathered from votespa.com and PAdems.com unless otherwise noted.



1. Remain calm and do not allow the media to alarm you.
First, it is important to remain calm despite news articles and social media misinformation. You should vote whichever way you are most comfortable, and know that voting by mail in PA is safe and secure. As long as you follow the instructions, and return your mail-in ballot on time, your vote WILL be counted.

2. DO NOT share information with friends and family or on social media without a source. Misinformation has been running rampant on social media and we need to provide solid sources.

3. Educate yourself and stay tuned for updates.
Use this page to learn about the current context, updates, what resources are available to you, and on the different ways that you can vote.

4. Register to vote or confirm your registration.
Make sure you are registered to vote and have updated your registration if you have moved or changed your name since you last voted.
Learn more here.

5. Think about how you want to vote.
What’s great about 2020 for Pennsylvania is that we have more ways to vote than ever before and you can choose what makes you most comfortable.

    • Vote in person. You can vote the old-fashioned way, no problem. Get all the details here.
    • Vote by mail. You can request a mail-in ballot and return it in one of several different ways. Request it, complete it, return it at the right place at the right time. Get all the info here.
    • Vote early by requesting and filling out a mail-in ballot in person. You can go to your County Board of Elections, request a mail-in ballot, fill it out, and hand it right back. Learn more.